artscape arena | cape town | 2005


For Brent Palmer's crime drama Witnesses, Peter Cazalet designed an impressive double storey unit set containing both the waiting and interrogation rooms of the Observatory police station specified in the script, and Angela Nemov provided muted, textured costumes. The production, which consciously mimicked devices used in TV crime dramas and restrained cinematic acting, won Matthew the Fleur du Cap Rosalie van der Gucht Prize for Best New Director.



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Fleur du Cap Award for Best New Director




“impressive … a wry, intriguing whodunit … intelligent entertainment … a subtle cast of unnervingly human characters” WEEKEND ARGUS


“excellent theatre … well cast and the storyline is pacey and real … the play rollercoasts between funny and moving all the time” CAPE ARGUS


“a successful production which binds the universal with the specific, strikingly marrying the international treasure-chest of detective story motives and characters with the local world and its special textures” DIE BURGER


“Wild, along with his able actors, has fittingly paced the text and the plot-line ... the team has done splendidly with this text” CAPE TIMES