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artscape | dublin internationl gay theatre festival | dublin | 2008

artscape arena | cape town | 2008







Dalliances, meticulously directed by Matthew Wild, has got people talking and now I understand why … It is blatant and it hurts, but it is real.” THE WRITING STUDIO


Dalliances is cool. Lest this reads as a damning understatement, it should be pointed out that generally, theatre is not cool. Movies, YouTube, MTV ... They're cool. Dalliances explodes onstage in a retina-blistering blast of sex, drugs and debauchery ... Dalliances is very visually-driven with strong colour themes and eye-popping set design … The set sprawls across the stage and leaks into the audience. Graffiti, balls, bubbles and barbwire pop up everywhere while actors literally fall from the rafters... Dalliances is a spectacle that screams to be seen. Listen.” CAPE ARGUS


“I cannot fault this production. … It is brilliantly directed … The set is creative, both in its design and use … the actors’ portrayal is so polished they seem not to act at all …” ARTSLINK


“Matthew Wild’s direction ensures an energetic pace, as energetic as the characters themselves .. Props are used cleverly and (symbolically) purposefully, and more than the normal playing area of the Arena Theatre is exploited … Scenes change rapidly, never disturbing the pace. All the actors portray their characters convincingly.” DIE BURGER


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